tools to Swedish

You may have any reasons at all to learn how to communicate in Swedish, or to improve your Swedish.

Maybe you want to take your Swedish to the next level and learn grammar and how to communicate in a more advanced way. 

Your mother tongue, the length of your stay in Sweden or the reasons for your stay are irrelevant. 

Tools to Swedish provides lessons in Swedish on your terms, according to your needs.

Some people prefer to learn a new language in smaller groups and some prefer to learn it privately.
I teach either way.

Tools to Swedish provides lessons to both private clients and company clients, both on-site and online.

Learn more about Sweden by learning Swedish. 


Addressing companies

Ensure that your staff can read and understand safety regulations in Swedish, especially if your work area is construction. 

Ensure that your staff can understand the customer’s needs, especially if your work area is elderly care.

Ensure that your staff passes the driver’s licence test.

Before you start

There are several factors to acknowledge before you start a Swedish course.
The first lesson starts of with a survey, to maximize your learning abilities.


As a customer, do I need to have any knowledge of Swedish?

No! Join in at any level.

Who is the typical customer?

There is none! Or everybody!

I want to improve my Swedish but my schedule is so busy.

No problem! Have lunch while conversing in Swedish.
The concept is called
Lunch and learn.

Customized language education - On your terms