Language learning

Language learning

Photo: Ludvig Bergqvist

  • Do you (or someone you know) want to learn how to communicate in Swedish?

  • Do you wish to improve your Swedish skills? 

  • Are you an executive or a manager and you want your staff to be able to communicate in Swedish?

        If so...

Tools to Swedish

provides customized lessons in Swedish. On your terms.

Language learning is about understanding what's going on around you, to never feel left out or excluded, and to have the same opportunities and possibilities as anyone else.

Language learning is so much more than grammar and vocabulary, it's about finding the right tools to understanding and communicating.

Language learning should be fun and functional.                                

Tools to Swedish

addresses companies, associations and private customers.   

As a customer, do I need to have any communication skills or knowledge of Swedish?

No! Join in at any level.

Me and my idea.

Who is the typical customer?

There is none! Or everybody!

Me and my idea. 

I want to improve my Swedish but my schedule is so busy.

No problem! Have lunch while conversing in Swedish. The concept is called Lunch and learn.

För dig som redan talar  flytande svenska och vill utveckla din engelska:

Tools to Swedish håller i lektioner i engelska på grundnivå. 

All people learn differently. You have to find the right tool just for you.