Me and my idea

Me and my idea

You may have any reasons at all to learn how to communicate in Swedish, or to improve your Swedish.

  • Maybe you want to take your Swedish to the next level and learn grammar and how to communicate in a more advanced way. 

  • Your mother tongue, the length of your stay in Sweden or the reasons for your stay are irrelevant.  I provide lessons in Swedish on your terms, according to your needs.

  • Some people prefer to learn a new language in smaller groups and some prefer to learn it privately. I teach eihter way.

  • Tools to Swedish provides lessons to both private clients and company-clients.

  • Learn more about Sweden by learning Swedish. 

Addressing companies

  • Ensure that your staff can read and understand safety regulations in Swedish, especially if your work area is contruction. 

  • Ensure that your staff can understand the customer's needs, especially if your work area is elderly care.

  • Ensure that your staff passes the driver's licence test.

  • Ensure that your co-workers feel inculded, by understanding Swedish. Then they will preform better.

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My name is Ann-Maria Bergqvist, more known as Maja. I'm the founder and owner of the company Tools to Swedish.

Many years ago I studied to become a teacher. I wanted to be able to combine my top three interests; people, language and writing.

Twenty years later I'm still a teacher, for the very same reasons.

My work area you can see here: 

Vellinge and Southwest Skåne.